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Scientific Thesis

A Expressão das Emoções no Homem e nos Animais

A Expressão das Emoções no Homem e nos Animais

Charles Darwin


“Why do we shrug? Why do dogs wag their tails? Why do we frown when angry and pout when sad instead of the opposite? What’s the difference between guilt and shame? This would be a remarkable book even if it had only given answers to such questions on emotion back in 1872. But The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals also proved that the human mind and not only the body was a product of evolution. (…) This edition reminds us not of some museum piece, delicately restored, but of a seminal work which needed but a mirror to actualize itself. It’s as fresh and provocative as it was some 125 years ago.” (Steven Pinker in Science)

Scientific Thesis
Relógio D’Água (Collection: Ciência)

Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin, born February 12th, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in England, and died on Abril 19th 1882 in Downe, Kent, in England. A Naturalist, his scientific theory of evolution by natural selection became the basis for modern studies on evolution. Darwin, himself an agnostic, was given the highest of religious honours, by being buried in the Westminster Abbey, in London.

Darwin formulated his bold theory privately, between 1837 and 1839, after returning from his journey across the globe aboard the HMS Beagle, but it was only two decades later that he gave it public expression with the publication of his The Origin of Species (1859) which had a deep impact on modern western thought and society.

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