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Youth literature

Cá dentro

Cá dentro

Isabel Minhós Martins

Maria Manuel Pedrosa

Ilustrações de Madalena Matoso


(Portuguese edition)

In Ancient times it was believed that the organ responsible for our thoughts and emotions was the heart. Today we know that all that we are – thoughts, emotions, decisions, ideas – happens inside the brain, in a continuous conversation with the rest of our body. But how does a thought begin?

How does the brain work? How does the brain remember what it learned? How does it create, invent? How does it make us a unique, one of a kind, person?

Made with the support of a team of neuroscientists, philosophers and psychologists, Inside tracks the evolution of the brain right from the first second, showing how reality, in all its wonder, is created with the help of our senses, explaining how we learn, decide and act, and how we connect to other people, other brains.

If all experiences shape our brains in some way, we hope this book helps you to have an (even more) curious, motivated and happy brain.

For readers of all ages (from the age of 10).

Youth literature
Planeta Tangerina

Isabel Minhós Martins

Isabel was born in Lisbon in 1974.

When she was a child, she wanted to be a journalist, an archaeologist or a pediatrician. She didn’t end up being any of those things, but she does love what she does.

“For me, writing is like digging: you always find something – sometimes worms, sometimes water, sometimes stones, roots, tunnels… a lost shoe.
I like writing because I almost always find something unexpected. And I like reading for the same reason: someone dug and dug and dug and found something that then they show us in words”.

She studied at the Lisbon College of Fine Arts, before working as a creative in children’s communication. Later, together with a group of friends, she founded the publisher Planeta Tangerina.

A number of her books have won prizes or been distinguished by institutions connected to the world of children’s books: White Ravens Catalogue, Andersen Prize, Banco del Libro, Portuguese Society of Authors (2015), Gustav-Heinemann Friedenspreis (2017), Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (2017).

Many of her books have been published in other countries all over the world (France, Brazil, Korea, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Holland…).




Maria Manuel Pedrosa

Born in Figueira da Foz (Portugal) in 1968, Maria Manuel spent her childhood in Germany.

Maria Manuel earned her degree in International Relations from ISCSP (Lisbon) and began her work in advertising. After seven years she shifted her focus to communication for sustainability, convinced that ‘together we can create amazing things on this planet’.

With this motto in mind the author wrote her masters degree on Corporate Social Responsibility at Steinbeis-Hochschule (Berlin), in which she investigated why it seems so difficult to improve things (though it may be not).

Together with Isabel Minhós Martins, Maria Manuel developed projects of educational communication and it was that experience that led them to creating the book Inside (‘Cá Dentro’) – a guide to discover the incredible capabilities of the brain, emotions, creativity and decision making. Already preparing new projects, the author likes to think that we can achieve our best through cooperating with each other as a society.




Madalena Matoso

Madalena was born in Lisbon, in 1974. She is an illustrator. She graduated in Communication Design at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts and later specialised in graphic design at the University of Barcelona.

In 1999, Madalena founded Planeta Tangerina together with three friends. Planeta Tangerina started out as a content, illustration and graphic design studio, and later in 2004 debuted as a publisher. From the beginning, their books have always wanted to explore new territories, question and challenge readers and be free.

Madalena has illustrated several books, such as When I was BornWith TimeClap BookLittle Andersen’s DictionaryWhere Do We Go When We Disappear? and Inside – A Guide to Exploring The Brain.

She has won the Portuguese National Illustration Awards twice (2008 and 2018) and received several honourable mentions (2006, 2007, 2009 and 2014); and also the Children’s Illustration prize at the comics festival Amadora BD (2008 and 2011). In 2018, the illustrations from her book It’s Not That Hard were selected for the illustration exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Books Fair. The same book also received an honourable mention in the category “Children’s Picture Books” at the New York Book Fair. Her book Mountains has received an honourable mention from the jury in the category of Art, Architecture and Design (Bologna Ragazzi Awards, 2018). The book What’s It For? received an honourable mention from the jury in the category of Non Fiction (Bologna Ragazzi Awards, 2022).

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