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Eurêka – Le moment de l’invention – un dialogue entre art et science

Eurêka – Le moment de l’invention – un dialogue entre art et science
Ivan Toulouse, Daniel Danétis

Alain Moreau
Alexis De Saint-Ours
Anne-Sarah Le Meur
Bertrand Prevost
Cedric Plessiet
Charles Tijus
Christian Jacquemin
Daniel Danetis
Daniel Sibony
Dominique Peysson-Gonin
Espci, Paris.
François Jeune
François Soulages
Guillaume Loizillon
Ivan Toulouse
Jacky Denieul
Jean-Claude Le Gouic
Jean-Hugues Barthelemy
Jean-Marc Epelbaum
Leszek Brogowski
Ludovic Duhem
Matthieu Piel
Michel Lagües
Miguel-Angel Molina
Olivia Bianchi
Patrick Brezillon
Patrick Hamel
Philippe Michel
Renaud Chabrier
Sabine Bouckaert


To create, to invent, to discover… How do we get novelty to hatch? Do artists and scientific researchers meet with the same problems in their research? To try and bring this moment of invention to light, our research team – in image arts and contemporary art (EA 4010) – has organized, together with ESPCI, a conference gathering artists and scientists, historians and philosophers, art and science specialists, cognitive science researchers… to put their points of view, their testimonies and epistemological doubts in confrontation.


The present work is an account of these exchanges, meant to be continued in the coming years around experiments, meetings and exhibitions. Beyond the specialized debate, the goal behind these confrontations is to reawaken that creative enthusiasm which might very well be the remedy for so many of the evils of our time.

Essay Collection


Ivan Toulouse, Daniel Danétis


Ivan Toulouse

Ivan Toulouse is a French artist, professor, and visual arts researcher. He combines his teaching and research work in visual arts with a practice of over forty years of painting, drawing, engraving, sculpting, singing, and poetry writing to explore a shared vision, particularly through portrait, historical painting, and mythological and religious iconography. His work has been presented in France and abroad, both in individual and collective exhibitions, between 1985 and 2003. It is presented at least once a year during the “open day” of the artists’ atelier at the 14ème Arrondissement. He is currently making videos with drawings of travelling pictures (from the Western United States, Andalusia, Iceland, and Italy). He has also been working on things like removing the materiality from the works of art, practising poetic declamation, performance, and, most recently, stage acting. Retiring as a university professor has allowed him to dedicate his full time to artistic creation.



Daniel Danétis

A visual artist, he was also a professor at the Department of Visual Arts at L’université Paris VIII Vincennes – Saint-Denis between 1971 and 2009.


Director of the “Service de Recherche et de Formation des Formateurs et Enseignants”; Director of Education at IUFM; Director of the Department of Visual Arts; Director of investigation at École Doctorale.


He managed, along with Ivan Toulouse, the publication of the book “Eurêka Le moment de l’invention – Un dialogue entre art et science”. He’s a co-author, with Pascal Bonafoux, of “Critique et enseignement artistique: des discours aux pratiques”.


He’s also the author of “Pratiques artistiques, pratiques de recherche”, “Parler/créer: Pensée critique & création artistique”, and of “Pratique de création/ Pratique de formation? Volume 1: Itinéraire d’un artiste enseignant chercheur”.

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