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Tom Stoppard


Does light come in waves or particles? Experiment will show either: the experimenter can choose. A double agent is like a trick of the light, Kerner the physicist tells Blair the spycatcher. You get what you interrogate for. Dual natures, of light and of people, are the theme of Tom Stoppard’s espionage thriller. Kerner’s secret research is being leaked to Moscow. Is Ridley the double? Or is Kerner a triple? Hapgood is the person to find out, and maybe it will need two of her.

Faber and Faber Ltd.


Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard’s most recent play, “Leopoldstadt”, opened at Wyndham’s Theatre in 2020.


His plays include “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, “The Real Inspector Hound”, “After Magritte”, “Jumpers”, “Dogg’s Our Pett”, “New-Found Land”, “Dogg’s Hamlet”, “Cahoot’s Macbeth”, “Travesties”, “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” (a play for actors and orchestra written with André Previn), “Night and Day”, “The Real Thing”, “Hapgood”, “Arcadia”, “Indian Ink”, “The Invention of Love”, “The Coast of Utopia”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and “The Hard Problem”.


Adaptations include “Tango”, “Undiscovered Country”, “On the Razzle”, “Rough Crossing”, and “Dalliance”.


Translations include “The Seagull”, “Henry IV”, “Ivanov”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “The House Of Bernarda Alba, and “Largo Desolato”.


He has written eight Evening Standard award-winning plays and five of his plays have won Tony awards.


Radio plays include “Darkside” (set to Pink Floyd’s album, “The Dark Side of the Moon”), “On Dover Beach”, “If You’re Glad, I’ll Be Frank”, “Albert’s Bridge” (Italia Prize winner), “M is for Moon Among Other Things”, “The Dissolution of Dominic Boot”, “Where Are They Now?”, “Artist Descending a Staircase”, “The Dog It Was That Died”, and “In the Native State”.


Television adaptations include “Parade’s End” (BBC/HBO), “A Walk on the Water” (from “Enter a Free Man”), “Three Men in a Boat”, and “The Dog It Was That Died”. Original television screenplays include “Another Moon Called Earth”, “A Separate Peace”, “Neutral Ground”, and “Teeth and Professional Foul”, which won awards from BAFTA, the Broadcasting Press Guild and Squaring the Circle. He adapted his television dramatization of Jerome K Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat” for BBC Radio.


Screenplays include “Anna Karenina”, “Despair”, “The Romantic Englishwoman”, “The Human Factor”, “Brazil”, “Empire of the Sun”, “The Russia House”, “Billy Bathgate”, “Poodle Springs”, and “Shakespeare in Love” (with Marc Norman), which won him an Academy award for Best Original Screenplay, a Golden Globe and the Broadcast Film Critics and American Guild awards for Best Screenplay 1998. He directed and wrote the screenplay for the film “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”, which won the Prix d’Or at the Venice Film Festival 1990 for Best Film.

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