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Parénteris Galileo

Parénteris Galileo

Daniel Erice


“PARÉNTHESIS GALILEO” is a paradigmatic example of what the editor has been causing for almost thirty years. In this case, the three-way relationship between theater, science and education.


Divided into three parts, the first reveals the relationship that has always existed between art and science… Until the arrival of Galileo, who created a parenthesis with the scientific method. In the second, emphasis is placed on the need to educate in the mixture of disciplines. Finally, the third is a proposal for a SCIENTIFIC MONOLOGUE WORKSHOP, to be carried out in educational centres, or to infinity and beyond.


Daniel Erice is the living image of his own proposal. Astrophysicist (science), Theatre Director (art), Teacher and Trainer (education). Despite Galileo, a Renaissance man in the 21st century or, as the great Javier Santaolalla says in his prologue, “We are facing a modern Da Vinci”.


It only remains to reiterate what Santaolalla himself points out at the end of his prologue: “Down with the formalisms, and down with the non-existent barriers: there are no hard sciences, soft sciences, humanities, art… there is only knowledge and the human being who marvels at the mystery of existence. Let us open our minds to a new conception of the phenomenon of learning, more plural, richer, more real. Let’s close the Galileo parenthesis.”

ÑAQUE Editora

Although he studied at Imperial College London to become an astrophysicist, Daniel Erice is dedicated to creating projects that unite three of his passions: art, education, and scientific communication. To do this, he studied stage direction at RESAD in Madrid and a master’s degree in cultural management at the University of Barcelona.

He currently works as director of scientific demonstrations in the art department of the outreach program Órbita Laika (TVE’s La 2); He teaches performing arts classes at the RTVE institute; and physics, mathematics, professional ethics and creativity at the TAI university school of arts. He is also a creativity trainer for the Responsible Education program of the Botín Foundation, and has been part of the expert committee of the European project PERFORM whose objective is to investigate the effects of the use of innovative methods of scientific education based on the performing arts.

He also directs Alioth arte&ciencia, a company for communication and dissemination of science through the arts, and the scientific theatre company Teatro para Armar with which he won the Focus award for the best proposal on stage in 2011 with his show El tiempo por las nubles.

His other passions? Telling stories to adults and children, and traveling… Which, at the end of the day, are the same thing…

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