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Theatre About Science

Theatre About Science
Mário Montenegro, Fernando Matos Oliveira, M. Teresa Girão da Cruz, Sara Varela Amaral, Francisca Moreira
Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr
Hannah Simpson
Eva-Sabine Zehelein
Enric Pérez Canals
Jasper Delbecke
José Maria Vieira Mendes
Nathan D. Jerpe
Nigel Townsend
Daniel Gamito-Marques
Wanda Hamilton
Carla Almeida
Sadie Bowman
Rossella Spiga
Claudia Mignone
Andrea Brunello
Rudolf Rosa
Daniel Hrbek
Piotr Mirowski
Kory Mathewson
Boyd Branch
Antonia Tretter
Cláudia Rodrigues
Ana Cristina Tavares
Nuno Geraldo
Francisca Moreira
Mário Montenegro
Daniel Erice
Annemarie Hagenaars
Andreia Albernaz Valente
Rui Miguel Carvalho

This volume reflects the great diversity and different perspectives related to the connections between theatre and the sciences, both regarding the performative practice and the academic thought upon that practice. It also gathers contributions from Literary Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies and Science Communication. It reveals a diverse group of practices, varied stages, different formats, different sized productions and diverse target audiences, that suggest a common quality or characteristic in these intersections that can be activated in varied contexts and with different levels of production. The diversity of voices and experiences present in this volume also carries with it a strong geographical perspective, with reports of practices in different regions of the globe, sketching a wider panorama of theatre and sciences intersections.

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra
Although we can trace science in theatre at least to the beginnings of modern science itself, the scholarship on this intersection started essentially in this century. It is an academic subject with, roughly, two decades. In a set of two special volumes published in the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews entitled New Directions in Theatre and Science (2013, 2014), Kirsten Shepherd-Barr and Carina Bartleet, the guest editors, gathered a collection of articles which reflected the liveliness and diversity of this area (essentially in the anglophone world) and pointed out some future trends for science-related performance. These volumes, along with several meetings on the subject, such as the “Communicating Science to the Public through the Performing Arts” conference (New York / USA, 2010) and the “Performing Science: Dialogues Across Cultures” conference (Lincoln / UK, 2014) stand as recent landmarks in the study and reflection upon the field.
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